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Gender female
Age 1 year approx
Weight 1.75 kg
With dogs yes
With cats yes
With kids 12 years +
Café femelle de 1 an +/- C’est une petite fille craintive mais au tempérament doux et docile. Elle est propre en litière. Malgré qu’elle ai un acces ouvert , elle préfere passer la majorité du temps dans son enclos. La présence des chiens et chats de l’intimide pas. Café se laisse prendre facilement et pose sa tete dans le creux de notre cou. Nous lui recherchons une famille calme et sans jeune enfant.
English coming soon

The health of our employees, your families, and that of the animals in our care are a priority for the SPCA Roussillon. Considering the extraordinary situation in which we are living, our adoption procedure and the physical layout of the shelter have been adjusted in order to control the traffic and reduce the risk of contamination.

If you are returning from abroad, have been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19, have symptoms of the flu or are at risk of contracting the virus, we ask you to please refrain from coming to the shelter . Thank you for your usual collaboration!

Before all else: adopting an animal is a decision worth considering.

  • Is everyone in your household, including your pets, ready to welcome a new companion home?
  • An animal needs daily care and attention for its entire lifespan. Have you considered the commitment that this represents?


1. See the profile of available animals and fill out an application form on our website

2. Complete a telephone interview

A member of our adoption team will contact you as soon as possible to conduct a telephone interview. Depending on your profile, we will help you find the ideal companion among our available animals.

* We receive a very large quantity of applications. They will be addressed according to the order of reception. For dog adoptions, only the selected candidates will be contacted.

3. Schedule a visit at the shelter

Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to make an appointment to come and meet the animals at the shelter.

* At this stage, no animal reservation is possible until the adoption is confirmed in order to maximize the chances of placing our animals in good families.

4. Complete the adoption

We will proceed to the adoption at the shelter and you will go home with your new companion!

Please note that you must wear a mask during your adoption visit at the shelter. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone not wearing a mask, for the safety of all.

You will have to pay the adoption fees and buy a bag of food for your new pet (cat and dog) in our shop. Card payments are preferable (Interac, Visa, Mastercard).

The animal must also leave the shelter safely, in a pet carrier (cat, exotic animal) or on a leash (dog). You can purchase these items in our shop, as well as other basic accessories (litter, litter trays, etc.)


  • Cats less than 7 years old: 160$
  • Senior cats 7+ years old (Grey Muzzle Mission): 75$
  • Compassion adoption: 75$

The fees include:

Veterinary examination | Sterilization | Basic vaccines and dewormers (preventive) | Microchip | 30 Day Limited Health Guarantee | Petsecure Health Insurance – 6 week free trial

Exotic animals

  • Rabbit: 105$
  • Guinea pig: 50$
  • Rat: 30$
  • Others: contact us for the adoption fees for other species of exotic animals

The fees include:

Veterinary examination | Sterilization (if applicable) | Dewormer


  • Puppy less than 4 months old: 400$
  • Dog more than 4 months old: 350$
  • Senior dog 7+ years old (Grey Muzzle Mission): 150$
  • Compassion adoption: 150$

The fees include:

Veterinary examination | Sterilization | Basic vaccines and dewormer (preventive) | Microchip | 30 Day Limited Health Guarantee | Petsecure Health Insurance – 6 week free trial