Events / Workshops

Come see us at various events we organize. You will have the opportunity to see our animals up for adoption and also to meet our volunteers.



Youth, Animals, Action!

ENGAGE : Animal Welfare Education offers an innovative on-site program at Refuge A.M.R. comprised of four 2.5-hour interactive workshops:


  • Speak Up for Shelter Animals
  • Help Cats Thrive
  • Dogs: Listen, Understand, Respect
  • What Do Small Companion Animals Need?



ENGAGE workshops include:

  • hands-on activities with shelter animals
  • creative projects which enrich the lives of animals
  • training through positive reinforcement
  • information-sharing presentations (with audio-visual components)
  • meaningful group discussions
  • two specialized animal welfare educators
  • the fulfillment of community service-learning hours for schools


ENGAGE is a non-profit organization dedicated to building empathy among youth. Through experiential learning with companion animals, ENGAGE encourages youth to practice the values of respect, cooperation, compassion, responsibility, and civic engagement.