Mission Museau Gris (Grey Muzzle Mission)

Why the need to put in place the Mission Museau Gris (Grey Muzzle Mission):

Unfortunately a large number of senior dogs and cats (7 years +) are abandoned at an alarming rate at the shelter. Due to this, SPCA Roussillon has decided to offer these pets a second chance by establishing The Mission Museau Gris (Grey Muzzle Mission). This program is based on a sponsorship system. It is now possible to sponsor one of our senior animals and this will allow us to offer all necessary medical care, thus making him much more adoptable. The program will help with veterinary costs such as: dental, analysis of suspicious mass, blood work, and other medical problems that seniors could acquire with age and our non-profit shelter cannot always afford. The Mission Museau Gris (Grey Muzzle Mission) program will allow us to also offer the dog for adoption at a lower cost. The Mission Museau Gris (Grey Muzzle Mission) program provides opportunities for people who can not necessarily adopt an animal but wants to help an animal in need.

The benefits of adopting a senior animal:

  • Senior animals are less destructive. Usually seniors are long past the search and destroy phase
  • Senior animals are calmer. They are good companions to just lay back and with.
  • Senior animals are perfect pets for the elderly. They bring love and company without the stress of a young animal.

SPONSOR a Grey Muzzle today!
Become a hero to a Grey Muzzle in need, sponsor now. BY providing the necessary care, you will help increase his chances of being adopted. Because we know for fact that people are less likely to adopt an animal with untreated medical problems.
Help us give them a second chance.

I would like to sponsor a Grey Muzzle
and give him a second chance!

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