Wish List

To ensure that animals in our care are comfortable, we gladly accept the following items:

SPCA Roussillon Wish list:

Animal Supplies

• Dog toys (Kong style or rubber. Please no fabric toys).
• Dogs and cats treats
• Condos for cats, toys.
• Pet Shampoos, perfumes.
• Collars, leashes, pet clothing (for those who need to be shaved).

General Supplies

• Poop bags
Veterinary bandage
• Blankets, towels
• Dish Soap
• Disinfectant (Lysol, Clorox, Hertel, Mr.Clean etc.)..
• Garbage bags (black)
• Paper towels
• Canadian Tire Money

Thank you for your donations. These animals deserve to be spoiled survivors. Many of them do not know what it is to have a bed, a treat and a roof with love.

Wish List