SPCA Roussillon - Adoption form - Dog

**Please only fill out an application form if you are interested by one of our dogs available for adoption at the moment. Only selected candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding!**

* Possible Behavior problems: Digging, chewing, jumping, playing, nipping. Eliminating in the house.

** Approximate cost to maintain a dog annually: Food ($ 780), accessories ($ 70), pension holiday for 14 days ($ 500), veterinarian ($ 300), grooming ($ 350) for a total of
approximately $ 2000.

*** Adoption fees for a dog: $ 350 
and 400$ for puppy under 4 months.

By submitting this application for adoption you are testifying that all the information provides is true and factual. We reserve the right to reject any application for adoption at our discretion.