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Organizing a Fundraiser

Would you like to organize a fundraiser or an event for animals from the SPCA Roussillon? Send your ideas to our team and we will contact you to discuss them, thank you!

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We sometimes place cats or exotic animals in foster care. Some of them do not respond well to the environment of the shelter and others require special care. The stay of a pet in a foster family can last from a few days to a few months depending on the case. Being a foster family is a wonderful and personal way to help save animals in need.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, fill out the appropriate online form, and someone from the shelter will contact you.

One of our former foster families tells you about their experience here!

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New! Foster family for dogs

Some of our residents have special needs that are better met at home than at the shelter.
Their needs can include: potty training | socialization | medical treatments

The profile sought:

  • experience with dog / puppy training – BONUS: has already taken dog training lessons
  • able to come to the shelter (Delson) every 2 weeks for follow-ups – and quickly in case of emergency
  • pets used to being around dogs, not reactive

*only selected families will be contacted, thank you!

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