Have you found an animal?

To report animals found in our partner municipalities, contact us at 450-638-9698 option #1 or contact your local police for an emergency.

have you lost your animal?

Animals found or received by the SPCA Roussillon are published here daily. If you have lost your pet and you are a citizen of one of our partner municipalities, make sure you:

  • monitor this page regularly
  • open a lost animal file with a member of our team by phone (450-638-9698, option # 1)

If you recognize your pet, contact us. The SPCA Roussillon reserves the right to validate that you are the legitimate owner by asking you questions and asking you to provide a photo of your animal.


· purchase the municipal license

Wearing a municipal license is obligated at all times. If your pet does not yet have his own, contact your municipality to find out how to get one.

· Equip your pet with a microchip

To ensure that your animal is identified if it is lost, equip it with a microchip. The SPCA Roussillon systematically checks whether the animals received have a microchip. It is a subcutaneous electronic chip that allows us to quickly identify the animal and obtain the contact information of its owner. The procedure is quick and simple, and could save your companion’s life!

Come to the shelter with your pet on Friday between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. for our microchip clinics. Implantation is quick and simple, and we offer it for only $ 25 for citizens of our partner municipalities ($ 40 for other cities, taxes not included). Proof of residency required.