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Fundraising with Créations Lylou Design

On purchase of selected creations from Lylou Design, 100% of profits will be given to the animals of the SPCA Roussillon. Each and every item from Lylou Design is made with love, locally! Place your order today.

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The SPCA Roussillon is a charitable and non-profit organization funded largely by adoption fees and your donations. By making a donation today, you are helping us feed, house and care for the thousands of animals who come to us for refuge each year.

Choose the monthly donation option to contribute to the animal cause on a regular basis.

In the name of the animals, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity!

Faire un don monétaire à la SPCA Roussillon

* A tax receipt will be given to you for each donation made on the SPCA Roussillon website.

* A tax receipt will be given to you for each donation made on the SPCA Roussillon website.

to make an item donation to the shelter

The animals in the shelter don’t ask for much! Some animals don’t know what it’s like to have a bed, treats and love every day. Each donation counts to provide comfort and reassurance while they are with us.

Please keep to the list of accepted articles since it has been revised to reduce the risk of contamination for our staff and the animals in our care. Thank you!

Accepted items, new only

  • Canned food for cats and dogs

  • Fabric softener sheets for the dryer

  • Pet cleaning wipes

  • Clumping litter

  • Bleach, dish soap and liquid laundry detergent

  • Rolls of paper towel

  • Blankets and towels (can be used, but packed in plastic bags)

  • Canadian Tire money

  • Gift cards: Amazon, Mondou, Canadian Tire, Walmart

  • Food and treats for cats or dogs * sealed bags only *

  • Food for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats Oxbow brand * pellets and hay, sealed bags only *

refused items

  • Collar, leashes and used toys

  • Used beds and cushions

  • Open food or treat bags

  • Mattresses, mattress covers, pillow cases

sponsor a senior with the grey muzzle mission

There is nothing more distressing than seeing a senior animal being abandoned to end its days in a shelter. As their age tends to affect their popularity, our seniors often take longer to be adopted.

The SPCA Roussillon”s Grey Muzzle Mission exists to make it easier for animals 7+ years old to find an adoptive family more quickly. You have the option of making a donation to the Grey Muzzle Mission, or to sponsor an animal in particular. In every case, you are helping a senior animal get adopted at a reduced cost!

Your donations allow us to defray the high medical costs often required for older animals: dentistries, suspicious mass analysis, blood tests and other care that we would not otherwise be able to afford.

Parrainer un animal sénior avec la Mission Museau Gris
Contribute to the grey muzzle mission

* A tax receipt will be given to you for each donation made on the SPCA Roussillon website.

* Please enter the name of the animal you wish to sponsor. You will receive a tax receipt.

make a donation by will/testament

To you animal lovers, we know that you share our mission of ensuring animal welfare. If you want to leave your mark and have an impact on the animal cause, when planning your will it is possible to name the SPCA Roussillon as beneficiary of your RRSP, your RRIF or your life insurance policy.

Your donation will be a final philanthropic gesture for the love of animals. And we thank you!