The SPCA Roussillon microchip clinics

Microchip clinics are back! Please follow the steps listed below to register:

1. Download the registration form, complete it and return it by email to

2. A member of our team will contact you to make the payment by phone (credit cards only) and to arrange an appointment. Please allow 2-7 days for your appointment.

3. Come to the shelter at the agreed time with your pet and proof of residence. You will leave with a copy of your registration form and a receipt for your files.

the Micro-what?

The microchip is a subcutaneous electronic chip that allows you to quickly identify your animal and contact you if it is found. The implantation procedure is quick and simple, and could save your companion’s life!

To ensure that your animal is identified if it is lost, make sure to make an appointment to equip them with a microchip!